The Joyful Grammar of Music Primary Teacher Guide (Grades 1-3)


The Joyful Grammar of Music is a unique program designed to be used to teach music concepts to children from 1st through 3rd grades.  American folksongs and games are used to help children internalize and discover concepts before they are presented to them.  The lessons provide visual, aural, and kinesthetic activities to prepare students for each concept, and the concepts are then practiced through a variety of musical activities.  A QR code is provided to give teachers access to recordings of all the folk songs used in the book.

A unique music catechism and music recitation program have also been developed and are scheduled throughout the curriculum.  Optional projects, instrumental activities, composer stories, and classical music listening activities are also scheduled in the program.  One teacher could use this book to teach several children of varying ages (approximately 6-10 years old).

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